Sitting is hazardous to health: Ideas to adopt good posture at work

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Sitting is hazardous to health: Ideas to adopt good posture at work

Sitting too long is (very) bad for health

I think we are all aware of the perils of sitting for too long, including back pain, carpal tunnel etc.

Sometimes even slow attaining problems cause knock on effects for other parts of our bodies that we have no idea that it could affect, just check out some of these forward head posture symptoms…pretty chilling reading all things considered.

We are all aware of the amount of sick days that poor ergonomics and sitting too long, causes in the workplace.

According to the Washington Post, it could even promote colon cancer. Without the ability to work standing up, what is the right position to be adopted to preserve your body?

Sitting too long causes static muscle contractions, which oppose the dynamic contractions occurring during movement, when doing sports for example.

But in the first case, the maintenance of posture requires the persistence of contraction: the muscle fibers are contracted, we have less blood supply, so less oxygen than needed and poor waste disposal. Accordingly, the muscle is not sufficiently nourished, hence cramps, spasms and of long tendon lesions.

All muscles are contracted to maintain the sitting position – for example, the deep and superficial muscles of the back, especially the trapezium, which covers part of the back up to the neck and plays a role in the movement of the shoulders, carriage of the head and its inclination.

also there is a pressure on the discs in the lumbar spine markedly greater than that which was in the vertical position: if not more often standing, it is necessary to have a good sitting position.

The chair: better sometimes not to have armrests

Above all, the choice of the chair is not to take second place. It turns out even be essential. While the ideal position does not exist, some are more favorable and a good foundation is essential.

The seat depth should be adjustable, it is fundamental. It must be able to leave a space between the edge of the chair and of the knees not to compress the venous return.

Same for the file, which must include an adjustable lumbar support.

Indeed, you have to sit at the back of the chair on his sit bones, the right pelvis, which retains the natural curvature based on the lumbar support. If there are none, do not hesitate to put a pillow or rolled scarf ball, we need to support the small of the back in the lumbar support.

Better not to have armrests that to have and not be able to adjust in height and width. Let us remember that initially the armrests were made only help us to get up and sit down.

The arms should be at your sides, with the angle of the elbow at 90 degrees and the height of your work surface. If it is higher, then there should mount the chair, which must also include casters, only so as not to have to tilt the body. These rollers must also be adapted to the soil type (parquet, carpet etc.)

The feet must also be flat on the ground. If they do not touch, you must obtain a non-slip footrest.

The key: you have to have the position of an accordion player!

If you work on computer will then ask for the location of the key against your arm.

To illustrate, I often say that we must have the position of an accordion player: shoulder should not be disregarded. Now, when you put yourself in this position, you will quickly see that the keyboard is generally too large relative to the width of our bust. When you hold the right mouse key, so we outstretched arm and right shoulder forward.

While this may seem surprising, I would advise handed users put their mouse left (taking care of course to reverse the buttons). Why ? Because many people hardly ever use the numeric keypad. We can quite put the keyboard more to the right, so as to end up with letters in front of us and the mouse left in the extension of the elbow.

Otherwise, there are short keyboard with separate numeric keypads to position the mouse right in line with the forearm, shoulder loose. But that choice must of course be adapted according to each task.

To avoid problems at the wrists, better also take out a wrist rest. But contrary to what you might think, so do not put it under the carpal tunnel, but under the forearm, so as not to rely too much on his wrists.

Ditto for the mouse: do not rely on the wrist rest. Associated with clenching the hand on the mouse, it compresses the nerves passing through the carpal tunnel.

Another prior to deconstruct: The keyboard should not be raised. The fingers should come naturally arise: if it is raised, it will rely on the wrists.

Some exercises might also help to to stop any pain.

Don’t raise your screen

The display must be located in front of us and be at the same level as the horizontal our eyes or a little below, so do not be in camber position of the neck.

Contrary to what many people do, do not raise the (except, of course, if you are very large). When we read, what place is the book relative to your look? Not the top, of course, but before your eyes. It’s the same when you are on computer.

If we have a too high screen, this requires us to lift the eyelids, to direct the line of sight, or in this case you do not bring more tears, created when you blink. Result, the cornea becomes dry and possibly irritated.

The ideal is to have a screen located 20 degrees below the horizontal of your eyes.

Colors: not more than five at the same time

Once the screen is in the right location, we must reduce the brightness by increasing the contrast, but also choose a writing font that is easy to read: If you type in Arial black, that much better fate. We must also pay attention to the choice of colors: some are discouraged because they have a vibratory type effect to eyes (eg yellow on green background).

Thus, the white should not be too white, and better to work with black on white background than the reverse, which would generate a much sharper visual adaptation work.

In general, it should not be more than five colors on the screen, except of course for the DTP, whose work is the color business.

It all boils down to the same point: the muscle. The pupil diameter representing a muscle, it will be in permanent contraction if there is too much or too light colors.

But beware, these councils will be worth nothing if you do not take care of you: it is necessary to clarify that the basis of good posture is to move regularly and have a good view corrected, otherwise you risk spend your time bending, even with a good chair and positioned screen …!

Why Sleep Is Important for Your Health, (it also helps you to work more efficiently!)

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Have you ever made aware that we overslept one third of our lives? One of three hours of our lives we spend in a state beyond our perception.

Why sleep is so important?

The only thing that we see from the sleeping conscious is waking up, because even falling asleep is a barely noticeable process. Just as a watch needs to be continually raised to continue to tick, man needs sleep, in order to operate. Sleep is essential to life, which is generally known.

You may have a health issue like sleep apnea that causes you to not sleep well, in which case it may be a good idea to check this article out about CPAP masks to help you sleep better.

But why? What happens to the body in the sleeping state? Why is sleep so important for health? Find out why you should miss your nightly dose of sleeping under no circumstances ….

Sleep as a waste of time?

Looking for the meaning of sleep sleep research have been carried out numerous experiments in which volunteers systematically few days not slept.

Then ever since 1965 when eleven days of sleep and has not been broken. No matter how long the subjects elude even sleep, but within 24 hours occur first symptoms of fatigue on associated with concentration and memory.

The responsiveness resembles that of a drunken man, and the behavior has been described as extremely odd. However, sense of sleep may not only of that man can concentrate when awake or having any strange behavior. No, nature has us put this habit rather in the cradle in order to keep our immune system functioning.

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7 Best Herbal Teas To Help You Sleep Well

Sleep keeps you young and healthy

In a well-functioning immune systems certain hormones play an important role, which are closely connected with the inner clock.

Among hormones refers to substances that the body produces and which affect the metabolism.

During sleep, growth hormone is responsible for the overall growth and for Rege nation. In addition, so-called interleukins are released, which are responsible for immune response is of great importance. You probably also due to the direct Einschlummern.

First, they increase the body temperature and promote deep sleep, on the other hand they lead the important messages to the immune system further, that inflammation is to fight in the body. so do not begrudge you his body the necessary amount of sleep, so the immune system can not work properly.

Without adequate sleep is significantly more often sick, especially the digestive system and the heart and circulation are particularly vulnerable. After about half bedtime, which is about 3 am, the phase of growth hormone will be replaced by that of cortisol.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone that the body prepared in the following night, half on being awake in the morning. Mostly located in the morning, the highest concentration of cortisol in the blood; only in acute stress situations will be paid a higher amount of the hormone.

Throughout the day, makes the cortisol that we are awake is decelerated to it again in the evening by the sleep-inducing growth hormone. Sleeps a man but too little cortisol levels constantly remains too high and the body is experiencing a mental permanent stress.

Lack of sleep in the long-term, causes the blood sugar level rises and it increases. Consequence of boozy nights are accordingly not only a health hazard but also a much faster aging bodies.

Sleep right amount

It is said that the seven-to-eight-hour sleepers live longest. Since infected with security a big grain of truth in it, but you should now not meticulously measured against this benchmark your sleep time.

Rather, you should be based on your personal sleep requirement that only you can find out for yourself. The best way to determine how your body clock is ticking, provides a longer vacation: sleeping and waking just according to your inner needs.

The duration of sleep, which levels off after the third week is likely to match your interior clock. But as soon as you wake up, stand up!

Too much sleep makes tired again, and works to shorter lives as too little sleep on time. The only situation in which it makes sense to sleep longer during illness.

Often one is automatically struck by a fatigue and it is important to give in to sleepiness. Only during sleep, the immune system can drive at full speed and the body regenerate. “Sleep is the best medicine” have said our grandmothers – and they were right!

Dental Practice: Agenda & Appointment Management

Dental Practice: Agenda & Appointment Management

smile-122705_640Organize, control time is knowing anticipate and plan, but not only because the “time thieves” are everywhere in everyday dental practice.

The most relevant tools available to the team is the agenda because it is both the anticipation and memory actions.
Productivity, stress, emergencies, managing patient appointments times depend solely on the Agenda. It ensures the smooth flow of good management appointment.

Let us use it wisely in order not to suffer for endless days.

Take some time to assess the current situation:

Which will allow you to account for a grueling everyday life?

  • I’m overwhelmed
  • I feel tired in the morning
  • The emergency accumulate and destabilize my schedule
  • I feel stressed and demotivated
  • I have delayed my agenda
  • I have missed appointments
  • I have the feeling of working with the ‘string
  • I wish I had more time for myself and communicate with my patients
  • Not enough care actually match my wishes
  • Too little rendezvous
  • Too many patients

These are questions that the dentist can arise and eventually realizing the productivity and profitability do not meet your expectations.

But managing your appointments should be based on your professional project and the way you work (work must adapt to humans), according to your forecast and financial goals, your work time, the number and type of patients you want.


Know release a crucial time team to determine how you want to work and manage your appointments care.

  1. Delegate the management to an assistant who will be responsible for the planning having taken the time to inform him how to anticipate and manage emergencies niche management delays. Discuss as a team.
  2. Use a calendar for your year and not one provided by the supplier, which does not always correspond to the way you work.
  3. Plan your care acts group of acts: each act request incomprehensible time of the preparation of the treatment room, the clearing away, cleaning, managing the administrative part … not counting the time dedicated to patient services as a purely relational approach. Know that with 20 appointments per day, nearly 4 hours that must be dedicated the day! Which is on an appointment 20 minutes 50% of the time these incomprehensible time.

Sample treatment plan: 4 back, inlay 4 core, 4 crowns, composites and 4:
In group acts are: 4 back in one sitting, 4 + preparations footprints in one sitting, 4-up IC + fingerprint crowns in one sitting, 4-Up + composites in one sitting. Totaling 4 long sessions 5 and sterilizations.

Or you may have a teeth whitening appointment, also known as come sbiancare i denti in Italian, these are the kinds of procedures that take up time and resources, but can be potentially very profitable.


The key is to find out which efforts result in the highest ROI. Work in the Pareto principles 80/20 method and concentrate on the 20% of activities that gains you 80% of your profits.


Kitchen Management!

kitchen-731351_640We thought it might be interesting to write about another of managements often overlooked work spaces…the professional kitchen.

Hot, exhausting, anti social hours all dictate that there is a rigid hierarchy of command with each of the different professions able to do their jobs without micromanagement.


His job :

The function of the chef changes depending on the type of facility in which it is exercised. In all cases, the chef has received technical training in hotel school and has built a solid experience after many years of work.

The significant difference between the two branches of the range of salaries (€ 2500 to € 6500) is explained by the diversity of the food supply and the resulting responsibilities.


Leader of Men, the chef oversees the team, knowing that the numbers vary depending on the size of the institution. He is responsible for the pace and quality of work and compliance with hygiene standards and cook training, he or she establishes the card depending on the style of the property (kitchen into account, for example, regional specificity) and sales prices determined by management.

they develop the technical specifications, place orders and manage inventory. Sometimes they will negotiates with suppliers trying to get the best cookware set they can for the budget they have. The chef works in harmony with the owner of the establishment and must be able to adhere to the spirit of the house.

Trainee cook

He or she will have gained several years of experience in facilities with large volume, the chef is in charge of organizing the kitchen (team and planning), he oversees the rate and quality of working in compliance with hygiene standards.

They are responsible for managing the card, orders and inventories, often in conjunction with a common central kitchen for all restaurants in the same group (franchise chain or common network of independent restaurants), all in the compliance with internal procedures to the group and the theme of the restaurant.

They will also have a lot of training with professional knives; like these Mercer knives…but that is just part of the training on equipment and they must also be aware of the health & safety aspects of each kitchen tool.

Gourmet chef

An excellent cook; the gourmet chef is creative but also a good manager.

Capable of running a kitchen brigade composed of at least a few lessor managers and unit leaders and sometimes a second. They have a solid understanding of the traditional cuisine of high level, often acquired during many years of practice in gourmet Michelin starred.

They must also be innovative to instill in establishing a genuine cuisine and a consistency in the quality of food. It develops technical specifications, place orders and manages inventory. They choose suppliers; establishing a lasting relationship of trust with them.


In a hotel restaurant

In its technical aspect, the chef profession in a hotel-restaurant is approximately the same as any restaurant chef kitchen, except that it must adapt its style cuisine at the hotel and its clientele .

In its organizational aspect, its daily functions and responsibilities will depend on the internal organization of the institution and the importance given to the food court. Thus, in a small independent family unit, the chef can oversee the hotel’s restaurant, which works like a traditional restaurant, without really caring breakfast or room service (when there is one), except as regards the controls, the map and inventory.

In luxury hotels, the chef is actually an executive chef, manager more than a craftsman.

His expertise is still the heart of the hotel. He has often several years of experience in gastronomic establishments or luxury. It often manages several dining poles (gourmet, brasserie, bar, breakfast room and developed service).

The gourmet restaurant is composed of a brigade of other chef’s. In this context, as chief executive, he must follow the financial guidance provided by the hotel management in the spirit of the group that owns the property. It must also juggle the constraints of each restaurant center.

Qualities of a head chef

  • Culinary Talent said
  • Leader of Men and organizer: the chef can frame up to 20 people
  • Good Manager
  • Ability to recruit, train and build a team
  • Curiosity and strong creativity
  • Excellent knowledge of hygiene and cleanliness standards
  • Very good physical condition



How You Know When It’s the Time to Hire a Manager

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imagesOnce you’ve started your own company, you will be able to do everything, from making the calls to your potential clients, to entertaining the ones you have and taking care of the stocks. However, when the business grows, you will see that this is merely enough – you won’t have the needed time to take care of all these things alone, so you’re going to need someone who is specialized in management and also marketing. Most of the times these two go hand in hand, and it’s also true that a good manager also has marketing skills to help your business grow.

So, this being said, let’s see how you know when you need a management specialist for your business.

Long Working Hours

When you are managing the business alone, you can work way too many hours. So, when this happens, you will lose track of time, you won’t spend time with your family anymore and your social life will be reduced to going to work.

That’s why, when you see this happening, you will definitely know that it’s the best time to get a management specialist to delegate some of your tasks.


Slow Business Development

When you don’t have enough time to take care of developing your business, then it’s surely the time to get someone to help you out. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, you have to take care of all the details of the everyday activity. A manager can help you out with everything you need, from customer service, software development, operations or other things that are important. This way, you can identify new opportunities and build stronger relationships to make a reality of the things you dream about.

When the Business Grows

organization_managementWhen you think about increasing the business, a manager will help you divide everything that needs to be done. The day to day operations need to be taken care of, and you can’t do everything alone, especially if the work volume continues to increase.

That’s why, it’s important to hire a good manager before you start developing the new phase for your business – meaning, before your business starts growing.

When You’re Overwhelmed

When you can’t deal with everything, a manager can definitely help you out. It’s not that the manager will take just some of your tasks, but you will have someone capable of managing the business when you’re not there. Everyone needs some time out, and with a good manager, you will be able to relax just a little, enough to take care of the rest of the important aspects that you feel you’ve neglected.

When There are Mistakes

It’s not impossible to make a mistake, especially when you feel that you are pressed by the time. Time management is also important, but with too many tasks at once that need to be done, it’s almost impossible not to make a mistake. That’s because you can’t focus on all of the things at once, and this can cost you your business, if you’re not careful.

Fixing Instead of Creating

enterprise-content-management-solutions-entry-160120-enterprise_01Help is needed when all that you do is fix the existing problems, instead of creating new opportunities. A business means more than just selling something or offering  service – a business is meant to develop and evolve, and it’s only up to you to do all these things.

Repeating the Tasks

Being the owner of a business means that you get to do new things every day. When this is not happening, then you know that it’s time to get someone to help you. A repetitive task is something like updating the social media profile or taking care of client management. These are some of the tasks that could be easily taken care of by someone else.

Tips for Hiring a Manager for Your Company

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business-peopleA manager is that person who can do all the things that you delegate to him or her in your company – that person can take care of every important details, from human resources to contracts and secretarial tasks sometimes.

What you actually need is a person who has a special set of characteristics to help you manage your business properly – they need to be independent enough to be able to take decisions under pressure, but also skilled enough to know when to ask for guidance from you.

Let’s see how you can find the best manager for your company, with a few easy tips that can guide you in this area.

What You Need

This is the most important step of the whole process, because you are the first person that needs to know what to be looking for. If you don’t know all these things, you won’t know what to ask from them, and they won’t know what to deliver.

This is why you need to make a set of skills that the perfect manager needs to have – someone who is experienced, dynamic and mature enough to be able to do all the things that you need him or her to do. That’s because you need to know exactly what your business needs from that person and what’s important to be done.



This is your part where you have to write all the things that need to be done in the everyday activity, and look forward to the future, as you also need to know what will need to be done (in greater lines) in one or two years, when the requirements of the job will possibly change.

The Selection Part

paper-from-screen-pngMost of the times, the person who makes the interviews for the job openings in any business, don’t know exactly how to look inside the minds of each candidate who comes. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you probe all the candidates and see which one fits best the requirements you have for your job.

It’s better to have a pre-selection of the candidates through resumes and phone calls. The resume it’s easy to screen, but for the callers, make sure you have a page for each of them – something similar to the resume, where you, or the person who screens the calls, fill out the information that they give you.

In the end, once the application period is finished, choose the best ten applicants that fit best the requirements. The resumes are used for checking the candidate’s references, but you will also need to have face to face interviews – just to make sure that you choose the best person for this job.

The Interview Part

It’s essential to choose from those ten applicants the one that fits your needs, so for this – you will need to have a face to face interview. You need to make sure that both of you have enough time for talking about the job. The secret of running an interview is to make the candidates at ease during the talk, but you social-community-managementneed to remember to avoid the small talk – it’s not productive and it’s not recommended for a serious discussion.

The enthusiasm that you show can be contagious if you find the right employee among the candidates, so tell each of them what your business is about and what the requirements are – show the positive aspect of the business, along with the history and where it’s meant to be in a few years.

Try to find out as much as possible about what motivates them and what makes them productive, what are their strong parts and what they wouldn’t like doing in a job – each candidate has his own impressions and the talk can help you see if any of them is fit for the job description.

How a Good Manager Can Help Your Business

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2164-635054163012475754It’s not something too strange, but it’s constantly used by almost every business in any area – the manager. When you think about this kind of job, many people imagine some kind of secretary, but this is not at all accurate. It’s true that it started out from the job requirements of a secretary, but a manager has become so much more.

Today, a manager is a good leader that can help you out in running your business, and if you want to get the best out of the requirements needed to run the show, you’re going to need someone who is specialized and specially trained.

Running the Business

Wondering why a manager is essential for running your business? Well, it’s actually simple – you need to learn how to delegate different tasks of your whole activity, so a manager will be perfect for making sure that your requirements are fulfilled and that the business runs smoothly. Once you’ve set up your business, you’ll need someone who can outline the activities from human resources to sales, following your own goals and objectives.


Leading the Business

The manager is not just someone who is good in some area or another – they have to show that they have the right skills to run everything even when you are not there. As the owner of a business, you will have to work for it, but also you need to have someone who knows how the business is run when you’re not present. Someone who can lead and who can follow your lead is the best example of a manager that you could have.

ITSM_strategy_illustration-2The Rules and Regulations for a Business

You can’t have anyone as the manager for your business – you might know that person or they might be trained in a certain area, but the best choice would be represented by someone who knows the rules and regulations that are applied in the domain of your business.

This is an extremely important characteristic – they don’t have to be lawyers, but they need to have at least the basic knowledge about this domain.

Growing the Business

When you think about the future, how do you see it? Do you see that you have the same business that you have now? Or do you imagine to have something bigger and with an increased profit? If your answer lies in the second option, then you’re going to need someone who has the same goals and ideas as you. Someone who shares your passion and dreams about your business should be perfect as a business manager, but don’t forget that they need to have the rest of the qualities that are asked for a good manager – something that we’ve talked about along this article.

The Guides of the Industry

Every area and every industry has its own rules and regulations, and when you think about hiring someone as your business manager, you also need to consider if that person knows the guides for the industry you work in. This is an important trait, as you can’t have someone who has run a pet shop be your manager, especially when you run a coffee shop, no matter how good they are prepared.

presentationWhen you get someone for this job opening, you will need to choose from those who have worked in the same area as you activate in – there are just a few really talented managers who could be a part of any type of business, and those are indeed rare.

The truth is that when you get the right person for this job, you will see that everything gets easier. Once you decide which tasks you can delegate to the manager, if they are good at what they are doing, your business will grow and you will see how the income increases.

Don’t consider that it’s not important who you hire as a manager – with the right person, you will be able to know what success really is.